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Ballet Boot Camp®: Tough muscle toning combined with ballet-oriented cardio…all done to a rousing orchestral soundtrack. From basic push-ups and sit-ups to elegant chassés and arabesques, you’re sure to develop a lean strong dancer's body (as you experience the joy and excitement of classical ballet). © 2000 (65 min.)

Ballet Boot Camp® 2: Gracefully integrates ballet, Pilates and yoga with traditional flexibility and toning exercises. This workout will help you develop your own dancer's body: lean, flexible and strong. Note: Different exercises and slightly more intense than the original Ballet Boot Camp. © 2002 (85 min.)

Ballet Boot Camp® 2 is now available on DVD!

Simple to use DVD format allows you to do as much

 of the workout as you want — the entire program or

just a few of your favorite segments.


Experience the "joy of dance" and achieve a higher level of fitness. Ballet Boot Camp® offers the numerous benefits of ballet technique integrated into a more accessible fitness regimen.


Ballet Boot Camp® is a unique program designed to help you slim, strengthen, tone and refine your entire body with a unique combination of traditional ballet conditioning and standard exercise techniques. Designed for dancers and non-dancers alike, Ballet Boot Camp®, when practiced regularly, produces rapid results and yields a stronger, leaner, more refined body.


Featured in "Fitness" magazine as an exciting new concept in exercise routines, Ballet Boot Camp® is an effective, user-friendly program based on the principle movements of classical ballet. These movements help to develop poise, improve body image and provide an excellent way to keep fit.

Time-honored conditioning techniques will lengthen your body's major muscles and help you to achieve the body-lines, strength, muscle tone and flexibility of a dancer without the aid of bulky weights or exercise equipment.

This specially designed Ballet Boot Camp® regimen can help you to:

  • Reduce overall body weight
  • Tone entire body
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Develop better coordination and posture
  • Develop poise and improve body image
  • Trim inches and firm target areas: upper arms, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs
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Ballet Boot Camp® integrates easily into your own personal fitness regimen. The program consists of easy to follow exercises favored by dancers all over the world. Ballet Boot Camp® integrates the principle features of ballet into a more broad-based physical workout which includes:

  • Aerobics - improves health and reduces overall body weight;
  • Strength training - builds muscles, burns body fat and reshapes body lines;
  • Mind/Body elements - develops coordination, self-confidence, grace and elegance.
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Ballet Boot Camp® is for all ages, all body types and all fitness backgrounds. The Ballet Boot Camp® regimen can be used as a platform toward better health. Whether you are searching for a new cross-training activity or you are interested in ballet or dancing for fitness, Ballet Boot Camp® offers challenge, variety and a total body workout.

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The benefits of ballet are extraordinary and it’s so much fun. It’s uplifting. It’s great for posture, alignment, flexibility, strength and on a frivolous note, it produces a long lean, sculpted body…There’s no reason for anyone to think they can’t do ballet.



Ballet Boot Camp helps make a dancer’s physique accessible to everyone—no tutu required…Jessica Sherwood, creator of the Ballet Boot Camp workout, says such classes have toned and refined the bodies of all her students—from the closet dance enthusiast and mother of two to the student who recently celebrated his 75th birthday.

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[Ballet Boot Camp] features a ballet teacher leading dancers of a variety of body types, which is a relief for those of us who can only dream of being lean and lithe. It also includes actual dance segments; I especially like the routine at the end that made me feel like a dancer, even if I didn’t look like one. The workout would do anyone’s legs, abs and arms good, and left me feeling energized and relaxed. I also never felt as if I was working out; instead I felt as if I was moving calmly and serenely, a mind/body bonus we all can use…All the benefits of a ballet class right in my own living room.



Ballet Boot Camp will yield a ballerina body without the torture of toe shoes…


The Ballet Boot Camp workout will enhance lower body muscle-tone, endurance, flexibility, agility and coordination.

Orange County Register

Ballet Boot Camp requires no tutu’s, toe shoes, or dance experience but features stretching, strength building, and body sculpting.

New York Resident

Ballet Boot Camp combines movements that mix toughness and grace…sounds intense, and it is: bursts of aerobic activity build stamina, and dance moves provide focused muscle strengthening, and improves flexibility.


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I love Ballet Boot Camp. For those of us who do not live in NY or LA for those trendy fitness classes, this is a fabulous alternative.

Tracy from Iowa City, IA


I thoroughly enjoyed Ballet Boot Camp, it was just what I was looking for. I wanted to learn more about ballet and to have a good workout at the same time, it definitely helps in my dancing abilities and after 6 weeks of doing it I've learned a lot and am getting stronger.

Linda from Big Spring, TX


I just had to let you know how much I love Ballet Boot Camp. I am addicted to it! I also love how the routines are set up! When I think that I can't do another push-up (especially after the abdominal work out) it moves into the floor exercises and I continue on! I have noticed that in a short time my flexibility has improved and I have more energy (which means a lot because I am a stay at home mom)! Also, I just have to let you know that my two year old loves to watch because of the relaxing music and the beautiful dance movements. This is nice because I don't have to worry about him getting into anything.

Mary from Clarksville TN


Ballet Boot Camp is wonderful! I find this a great way to stay in shape and do what I love all at the same time.

Julie from Watertown, NY


I want you to know how much I love this workout. I do lots of cardio and weights, but still find this to be challenging. It looks so graceful, but there's steel underneath!

Christine from Boston, MA


Not only did my muscles feel the effects of toning, but I got a great cardiovascular workout as well.

Maryanne from New York, NY


I love Ballet Boot Camp—it is a wonderful compliment to my weight training and cardio workouts. I'd love to take ballet lessons but cannot afford to presently and the video really helps me learn the basics and gain strength and flexibility.

Karen from Erie, PA


I just tried Ballet Boot Camp last night and boy does it work! I'm still feeling the effects, the healthy soreness in my hamstrings, quads and buttocks. I do think this is a nice alternative to the standard aerobics/weight training dichotomy. I feel that Ballet Boot Camp really eases the stress from a grueling work-day and living in NYC can be so stressful.

Mitzi from  New York, NY


I love Ballet Boot Camp! It totally transformed my legs, abs, coordination and posture! It is also addictive. It's the only routine I've been able to stick with for more than a few months.

Janet from Dallas, TX


P.S. My husband has also been participating in the warm-up, stomach exercises and plies. He made the comment that he needs to work on his turn out!! He uses it to benefit his recovery time from lifting weights.

Maria from Columbia, SC


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